I Love You Because…

I have been thinking about my relationship with God and how it can be shallow sometimes.  There is a song that is on the most recent Passion album (Here For You) where David Crowder sings, “It’s Your love that we adore, it’s like a sea without a shore, we’re lost in You, we’re lost in You.”  I was caught by that line, ‘It’s Your love that we adore.’  I find myself wondering if the emphasis is supposed to be on ‘Your’ or if it is supposed to be on ‘love.’  If it is on ‘Your,’ we are singing that no one else’s love will compare with God’s love.  That’s why we are ultimately drawn to love Him.  If the emphasis is on ‘love,’ I question exactly what this means.  It’s a challenge to unpack motivations of the heart.  Sometimes we ‘love’ people for their money, or for their influence, or anything else we can get from them.  There is a contingency that if the thing or characteristic that we love were to vanish, we might not be likely to continue loving that person.  We hear often of younger women marrying older, richer men and then leaving them behind when the riches are tapped out.  Do we love God or do we love what we can get from God?

I was wondering this afternoon about questions like, “What if God ceased to be loving?” or, “What if God ceased to be trustworthy or faithful or what if he stopped creating?”  Would I still be drawn to Him for who He is?  Is He something bigger than all these attributes or just a conglomeration of all that is admirable?

The main conclusion that I came to is not necessarily an answer to any of these questions (although I have to wonder if God would cease to be God should He cease to embody any of the attributes that I mentioned above).  What I did realize is that God continues to love me, for who He has created me to be, even when I am at my least lovable, when I am not living the life I have been created to live, when I am unfaithful and unGodly.  He still loves me through all that.  My response can only be to seek a deeper and deeper relationship with Him so that I can understand more and more who God is at the core of all these attributes.




  1. Josh Howeth says

    It is amazing how His love towards us never changes. I find when my relationship with God becomes shallow, and when I will sing those lines you quote (good song by the way) and I don’t really feel them or believe them, that I simply am not giving God the time of day. I think this is true of any relationship. If I don’t give my friend any of my time or spend quality time with my life, then my relationship suffers, falls by the wayside and becomes more shallow. Crazy thing is with those human relationships their end will suffer and shallow out too. But with God, things don’t change. Amazing.

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