The Next Big Thing

So just a few weeks ago, we had a family meeting.  Charlie, Lilli, Melissa and I sat down together and talked about some major opportunities for our family.  The biggest thing to talk about was the fact that Melissa and I have each been offered teaching positions by Sripatum University.  Because Sripatum is located in Bangkok, Thailand, this would be the biggest move we have made as a family and the only move since Charlie joined us.  Of course Lilli asked right away, “Well how will this affect me?  I am not a puppy anymore.  In the past few years, I have moved from Connecticut to Oklahoma and then to California.  I’m not sure I have it in me to move around the world to Bangkok.”  We decided that she will take up residency and retire at a lake house in Northwest Arkansas.  She has a nice little place in mind with a lake just beyond the yard, sailboats and kayaks available and a pool near the house to lounge beside.  Her caretakers have impeccable résumés.

Charlie was excited about the possibility of learning a language (whether English or Thai, he is excited to get started on either) and also to start to try some of the local cuisine.  He has just started tasting the Northern California cuisine and has so far been impressed.

Having gained the blessing of both Charlie and Lilli, Mel and I have decided that Bangkok will be a go!  About 6 months from now at the beginning of January, we will be moving to Bangkok to start work there.  We’ll be working in the Sripatum International College which is part of Sripatum University.  We’ll be partnering with a US based NGO called CGE that does a lot of education projects.  CGE will be doing projects in several areas in SE Asia.  Sripatum will house a hub that will support CGE’s projects and we’ll be part of that hub.  In addition to teaching English, Mel and I will have opportunities to teach courses in other areas that will help to prepare Thai students to become successful international students.

We are so excited for this next chapter of life.  Well be posting updates here so stay tuned for more to come!

Jay, Mel, Charlie, Lilli



  1. Josh Howeth says

    Wow! Congrats you guys! This seems like an exciting journey for you.

    • Jay Stroud says

      Yeah, we are really excited! January seems so far away and yet like tomorrow. We’re looking fwd to some really good family time between now and then too.

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