Getting Where I’m Going

This was early December in Iowa. Maybe next time I'm there we can go sledding!

In the last couple of weeks I have grown up a lot. We have been living out at Grandma and Grandpa Stroud’s farm. I have spent a lot of time with Grandma Great and Great Grandma Stroud. They love me so much and I know that they have prayed for me for a long time. Here are some pictures and videos of some adventures I have had. Pastor Brian and my family and everyone at Grandview Church agreed to help me grow up to be wise and make good decisions. It seems like everywhere I go, everyone peeks into my stroller and waves at me.

Dad also taught me how to drive Uncle Andy’s tractor out at Grandpa’s farm. That was a lot of fun! Even though it was very loud, I felt like I was a natural sitting up there, and everyone laughed when I tipped my hat and waved.

Also, I have crawled since September but that seems like little kid stuff. I took a few practice steps in the middle of December but right about Christmas, I started to let go of some of the furniture around me and take some real steps. I felt like a big boy!

Daddy let me drive the tractor at Grandma and Grandpa Stroud's farm! I loved it!


  1. Sorry this is posted so late! Charlie already has more updates to come soon! Hoping to get internet at home today : )

  2. Don’t be sorry brother! Be super cool. Oh wait… too late. Coolness level of Bangkok has been off the churts for over a month. “That shniz is deloycious.”

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