Happy Birthday

First Birthday

Today was my first birthday!  And in following with the Stroud tradition of celebrating I have had three little parties!  First, I got to celebrate with Grandma Stroud last week before she left to go back home.  That was the best because I got lots of fun toys that I play with every day now.   When we moved here from the US I had to leave the few toys I had behind and so far I’ve done pretty well playing with yogurt containers and plastic water bottles, but even those can get boring for a one year old.  So, now I have some blocks and puzzles and even a xylophone!

Hi there!

My next birthday was with just mom and dad and me.  That was special because I tasted my first chocolate birthday cake.  YUM!  At first I just picked at it and then I started shoving it my mouth saying, ” MMMMM!”  Maybe it wasn’t my proudest moment, but I loved it.

Then just today, on my actual birthday, I went to daycare and brought my friends and teachers my favorite banana muffins.  We ate those together at snack time and then the BIG surprise happened.  My teacher bought me a Mickey Mouse birthday cake and they all sang “Happy Birthday” to me!  This was so much fun because these are my closest buddies and they made me feel so special.  What a year it has been and now I am ready to experience so much more – one day at a time.

Just found out I love Cake!


  1. Happy Birthday little buddy! We miss you so much, but we know that God has special plans for you in Bangkok. We are praying for you every day. We love chocolate cake, wish we could have shared it with you. Talk to you soon!

    Abby, Reagan, Eli, Emma,
    Aunt Mandy and Uncle Chris

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