When Things Go Quiet

Occasionally things get really quiet. Too quiet. It kind of sneaks up until something in you asks, “Where is Charlie and why is he so quiet all of a sudden?” This is usually a sign that either something is wrong or someone is wrong (not every time, of course, but often). We have become such a noisebound culture that silence is jarring. We don’t know what to do with it. When it does come, it doesn’t take long for us to start questioning it, waiting for the inevitable news that something is up.

Here at the Stroud home, we have gotten kind of quiet. This past two months has been our summer term for teaching and for both Mel and me, our teaching hours in the classroom have almost doubled. We have been keeping up okay, but after 5 weeks, we are very ready for a break. This is our last week of teaching before finals and we are relieved. We have been quiet on the blog and quieter on Facebook because mostly we just have not had the energy. Just keeping up is hard enough but getting cohesive thoughts together is often very challenging. Annnnd… there seems to be a funny law in place with blogging…it feels like exercising. When you don’t do it for a while, it is harder to get started again. It is hard to get over the idea of ‘catching up’ from where you left off. And so, the quiet stretches. It is not always a bad thing though.

Sometimes, I notice the quiet and go to look for Charlie only to find he is peeking around the corner playing hide and seek, waiting to be found. He is not in trouble or upset with us or anything, just initiating play to deepen our relationship. Sometimes he is hiding in plain sight, just wanting to be ‘found.’ I think he gets this from his Father.

While I sometimes struggle to find words to say, my hope is that you will not only hear from us when we are struggling or ‘getting ourselves into trouble.’ We’ll try and share some of our joys and successes too. Just don’t be surprised if we jump out and surprise you after hiding for a little while.

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