Charlie teaches us a new word…

Charlie Turning On the Light

in Thai…

To speak another language fluently absolutely blows my mind.  For those of you who are privileged to have accomplished this, I envy you!

In the past I taught English as a Second Language in a program dedicated to helping Spanish-speaking mothers who had children  in the public school system in California.  There was an understanding that in order to help the children excel in their new environment, the moms needed to be able to communicate and understand English, as well.  I taught those ladies without any understanding of their situation, but how times have changed.

We don’t have a school aged kid just yet, but now I am the mom who needs to grasp a language that is so foreign to my ears.  This week I learned a new Thai word.  Not from our private lessons or a book, but from Charlie!  He doesn’t say or understand it perfectly, but for a 20 month old he is communicating well.   He always points to the lights or a light switch as says, “fais” (pronounced fies).  So I soon learned that “fais” was his word for light and I knew then that he wanted to be picked up so he could push the light switch.

Well, as his communication skills increase daily (he is a jabber box) it finally dawned on me that I should ask what the Thai word for light is.  Knowing that he often adds an “s” to everything, which derives from his familiarity with English, I asked if “fai” can mean light and sure enough, it does.  Thanks Charlie, I think we might learn more from you than from a book.

Speaking of learning Thai, we have been in private lessons for 13 weeks now (just 2 hours a week) and apparently are quite a bit behind the average student…learning the Thai word for failure this week was not a good sign.  Haha.  But, despite that, we have loved learning and actually feel like we’ve progressed a lot as this was our first formal introduction.  Honestly, we have all kinds of excuses for why we don’t practice more and all I’m going to say is that if you are ever given the opportunity for intensive language study take it!

If you are unfamiliar with Thai you can take a look and listen here

ริน คุ ตะ (Mel) and  ซุ คะ ฟุ (Jay)


  1. Keep at the language study! We’re proud of ya’ll! G$ is talking a good bit too now.

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