She Shall Be

In about 6 weeks, we will be holding a baby girl in our arms. She might very likely be here sooner. Yesterday Mel reached the 34 week point. August is looking like a very busy month for us here. We will have a friend from Iowa visiting briefly, I (Jay) will be taking an overnight business trip up to Lampang which is a city in the north of Thailand and mom will arrive at the end of August to help us out with Stroudlette as she makes her d├ębut in this world. The end of August will be here faster than any of us could imagine and with it will come a sweeter little girl than any of us could have imagined. Please pray for us this month as we prepare for her joining our family. We will post pictures as soon as Stroudlette arrives. In the meantime, here are a couple of life shots from the past few months.


Charlie and mom enjoying the afternoon as we celebrated Jay’s birthday in July.


Charlie has been playing along with daddy on his guitar.


Charlie loves making his own smoothies. Maybe we can get him to open a business.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Jay, Mel, Charlie, Stroudlette

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