Love Looking Back At You

Just before Lila was born, everyone kept asking me, “Hey Jay, are you going to write a song for your new daughter?” Just like with Charlie, I kept telling everyone that I planned to and that there was time. In the back of my mind, I was putting it off though. I wrote Charlie’s song Love, Dad almost a week before he was due. After I finished writing and recording it, he was in my arms 10 hours later. Knowing that our daughter was coming, I was a little worried about writing a new song for her because I was afraid she would be born within hours of her song being finished. We were excited for her to come but we also wanted her to wait for Grandma to arrive.

About a week before she was born, I finally wrote her song and over the past couple months, was able to put together a recording and this little video. Here is Lila’s song, Love Looking Back At You.

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