Digging Out

February just arrived and many of you in the States are digging out of snow storms and very wintery weather that comes with a reclusive groundhog.

We are doing well in the warm climes of Northern Thailand. It has been a very busy month at Payap University. Today we celebrated culture and talents with Payap’s Got Talent, a university wide competition. We had 14 acts ranging from vocal performances, traditional dances, and magic acts! it was exciting.

Next week is International Day and in previous years, this has drawn more than 1000 people to campus to celebrate cultures from all over the world. We are excited to see a lot of work come to fruition and learn a lot about the many different groups of people who are here on campus and here in Chiang Mai.

My little corner of the university is the Southeast Asian Studies Center. I am directing short courses and semester programs that dive deep into Southeast Asian culture, economics, language, arts, politics, and social issues. Check out more information here and if you know anyone who is interested in studying abroad and learning more about SE Asia, please pass this on to them. Our site is http://seasc.payap.ac.th and we are also adding content at Facebook.com/pyuseasc. Head over there and hit the like button!

Hope you all are having a great February!

Jay Stroud

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