Settling into Home

I love interacting with people. Here I am at the hotel playing.

I have been such a trooper!  While I began sleeping through the night just a few days after we arrived, I still like to get Mom and Dad up and going bright and early.   We’ve explored a lot of our area and more central Bangkok these past few days.  I’ll put up some pictures of our adventures.  Before we found our new home, we lived at a hotel.  The very first day the policeman said hello to me so I smiled for a picture and then the restaurant staff greeted me.  I loved the breakfast and all the friendly smiles that would great me.  I ate ham, eggs, french toast and papaya for a whole week for breakfast!  My usual day of getting to know the town meant that Grandma Stroud and I would take several long walks a day and explore all the soi’s (small side streets), walk around Mom and Dad’s university campus, watch people cooking at the stalls along the roads and play in the hotel lobby.  Now that I am walking I love to get out of the stroller and cruise around.  The attention is great!  So when people watch me and say hello, I’ll give them a little wave – they seem to love that here.  Now I’m trying to learn how to wai (bow) so that I look more local. Besides my blond hair I think I’m going to fit in pretty quick here.  Especially since Grandma Stroud found this great little daycare next to the Sripatum (that is said just how it looks, but without pronouncing the “r”) University.

Ajarn A is so patient with me

My daycare is a lot of fun.  I’m the youngest guy there so I’m going to learn fast from all the big kids.  I’ve already begun to respond to two Thai words.  Seems like they are always telling me “no” and “don’t put that in your mouth”.  I guess the teachers are looking out for me.

Getting Where I’m Going

This was early December in Iowa. Maybe next time I'm there we can go sledding!

In the last couple of weeks I have grown up a lot. We have been living out at Grandma and Grandpa Stroud’s farm. I have spent a lot of time with Grandma Great and Great Grandma Stroud. They love me so much and I know that they have prayed for me for a long time. Here are some pictures and videos of some adventures I have had. Pastor Brian and my family and everyone at Grandview Church agreed to help me grow up to be wise and make good decisions. It seems like everywhere I go, everyone peeks into my stroller and waves at me.

Dad also taught me how to drive Uncle Andy’s tractor out at Grandpa’s farm. That was a lot of fun! Even though it was very loud, I felt like I was a natural sitting up there, and everyone laughed when I tipped my hat and waved.

Also, I have crawled since September but that seems like little kid stuff. I took a few practice steps in the middle of December but right about Christmas, I started to let go of some of the furniture around me and take some real steps. I felt like a big boy!

Daddy let me drive the tractor at Grandma and Grandpa Stroud's farm! I loved it!


Yesterday at Grandview Church, the Stroud’s numbered 2 Great Grandmas, 2 Grandmas, 1 Grandpa, 1 Great Aunt, 2 Aunts, 2 Uncles, 5 Cousins (+ 2 in the oven), 1 Mom, 1 Dad and me, Charlie Stroud.  It was fun to look out and make faces at Grandpa Stroud while Pastor Brian was talking.  I know more than ever now how much everybody loves me and wants the best for me.  I want to thank everyone for praying for me and taking good care of me.


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