Thankfulness – Jay and Charlie

Jay and Charlie

A few weeks back I mentioned the following:

As one can imagine, life in Bangkok so far has been a roller-coaster of thankfulness and relief, challenge and frustration, discovery and adventure, and most of all dependence.  Those are the best words I can think of right now to help define this past month.  That said, I’ll work hard in the coming weeks to help illustrate what those words have meant to me on a day-to-day basis.

I find it most natural to begin with thoughts on thankfulness.  I was pleasantly surprised that my “thankfulness” list came easier than my “frustrations” list.  Funny how those things that are most annoying and cause the most worry are often so small in comparison to the greater context of the day.  I encourage you to make a quick list of “thanks” too.  So, here is the first post on thankfulness with more to come later.

Jay and Charlie – These guys make my day – everyday.  Seriously, who knew working with your spouse 5 days a week could be so much fun!  Our offices are right next to each other.  I’m not sure this would work for everyone, but it has been great for us and so I am more than thankful!  Jay offers support throughout the day, we truly share one another’s burdens (since they are usually very similar), and of course he’s a great lunch date when our schedules fit.  This semester we teach the same two courses (Level 1 and 2 – Everyday English).  Jay has 11 different groups of students and I have 10.  Together we interact with about 300 students each week.

And what is sweeter than ending each day with a great big hug from a very little guy.  Charlie keeps us smiling and helps keep daily life in perspective.  He has no fear about interacting and socializing with others even though his language ability is still limited (but might be more advanced than ours).  What better distraction is there from an hour-long bus ride home in traffic than a cute smiling, giggling, jabbering baby who dances to the music on the radio, waves at people as they exit the bus, and plays peek-a-boo with whoever is looking???   : )

(Of course, at times he has been known to offer another sort of distraction by way of screaming and throwing tantrums most of the ride home too…but I really try to focus on the positives.)

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