If you take a quick look around Bangkok, you see the color pink everywhere. There are pink taxi cabs and lots of pink in the advertisements, and pink is a very common color for people to wear for their clothing.

Yesterday, Charlie caught the craze and so we have a son with pink eye. Melissa was gone on a women’s retreat with our church so Charlie and I were bachelors for the weekend. On the MRT (which is the subway in Bangkok) I noticed some junk in Charlie’s eye. I thought I had just missed some sleepy eye as we got ready in the morning but a little later, there was more junk. Yuck. He has gotten worse and worse. Today I am staying home from work to hang out with him some more. We saw doctors last night and have medicine we are giving him and he is getting a little better as time goes by. Unfortunately I feel like he might have shared it with me.

Please keep us in your prayers for health and healing in these days. It is an exciting week as mom and dad Stroud are coming on Wednesday. Pray for their safe travel as well. I will keep you posted as to how we are doing.

Let’s hope this Pink fad will move on quickly from our household.


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